Customized trainingplans

“My history of the work done with José Carlos Santos has been one of constant evolution and learning of the different and key issues of running and also of consistent results…”

RUI SEQUEIRA, 8th overall Ehunmilak 2017

Customized trainingplans

"I started training under the guidance of José Carlos Santos about four months before the World Trail in Italy in 2017. The weight of my responsibility to represent my country made me choose to follow a training plan guided by someone in whom I was 100% confident and I had no doubts about choosing José Carlos..."

Cristina Couceiro Portuguese National Team

Ultra TrailTrainning Plans

“When I started Trail Running I had as my main goal to participate and finish the mythical Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc...."
Virgílio Costa, Finisher MIUT and UTMB 2016